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Highly recommended driving school

Learn to drive and enjoy the freedom of going out on your own whenever you want. At KI Learners & Instructors Training School, we offer an array of driving courses to help you develop your motoring skills. We pride ourselves on achieving a high pass rate and being a highly recommended driving school in South East London. You can learn from our DVSA fully qualified approved driving instructor ADI Grade A  Fleet and Ordit trainers.

Introductory price for beginners

£100 For the first 4 hours


£32 / Hour

Automatic lessons:

£35 / Hour

Potential Driving Instructor

£45 / Hour PDI

Manual Block bookings £300 for 10 hours

Automatic Block bookings: £330 for 10 hours

Standards check training £50:00/hour.

Our services include:

  • driving lesson

    Driving lessons with full 1 on 1 support

  • learner driver

    Nervous driver lessons

  • pass driving test

    The Pass Plus course

  • safe driving

    Driving theory test support

  • instructor

    Refresher driving lessons

  • driving instructor

    Training to become a qualified driving instructor & standards check training for driving instructors

Become a fully Qualified Driving Instructor

instructor training

Potential Driving Instructors

Full support and training provided for PDI's at KI Learners & Instructors Training School. High standard of on the job training and preparation for exams. Become a fully qualified driving instructor, with no upfront course costs, only £45 p/h!

instructor training

Approved Driving Instructors

For ADIs who want to work for this business, the franchise fee is very low. Our full franchise package is £150 a week for ADIs who wish to work for the school.


Fully Maintained Vehicles

Our Franchise fee includes a full maintained modern vehicle for all instructors. Giving some of the best value for money for franchises in the country. 

What Our Clients Say


Passed first time!

I chose Kenny from a list of local instructors on the official DVSA website, where he is listed with top grades. His lessons are clear and explained very well. He is patient and also makes learning to drive a fun experience. After every lesson, I felt like I had really learned something important and new. I passed both my theory and practical tests on the first attempt. I spent about 40-45 hours of practice with Kenny and took notes/diagrams after my 2-hour lessons to help the practice sink in. I had no other driving practice apart from my time with Kenny. To prepare for the theory, I used an app on my phone, and if I had any questions Kenny was willing to help.

In my experience, Kenny worked with my individual ability and taught in a style that worked for me, and I think that makes a great teacher. 

I would highly recommend Kenny to anyone who is considering learning to drive.


Kenny is a genius driving instructor - KI Learners & Instructors Training School

Kenny is a genius driving instructor. I booked just a 6hours Intensive Class (3hrs each for 2 days) and the third day went for my test..... guess what..... I PASSED <<<>>>👏🤣.
He owns industry standard cars that meet any level driver you are or you want to be. 
Excellent experience in every aspect. You are provided with about as realistic driving experience as it can get and the best you can't get elsewhere. Intensive driving class is world class, he thought me like a father teaching his son. Very organized and professional when he gets to business and never fail when he promises. I recommend Kenny if you really want to pass your driving test because it is worth every penny and erases every delays & sadness that others bring to you. Thank God I met someone who recommended me to Kenny (KI Learners & Instructors Training School) for an experience of a lifetime that I will forever smile when I remember.


Brilliant instructor

Kenny is an absolutely brilliant teacher. His focus, determination and discipline enabled me to understand the rules of the road and gain confidence in my ability and of course pass! I’m hugely grateful to Kenny for such excellent teaching and thorough attention to detail and calm manner. I can’t recommend him highly enough.


Great,quality times and learning.

Great services with great people. 
Really thinks of your success. Make sure you understand and focus on driving. 
Especially with Mr Kenny, is determination and flexibility to lead to victory.


Great instructor!

Kenny’s a great instructor, he accommodates to your learning style and teaches everything step by step. He takes the time to help you reflect on your strengths and allows time to work on things you find more challenging. He’s understanding and patient and supports you with all the difficult maneuvers until you feel confident. A week before your test he prioritises your lessons and carries out mock tests which I found really really helpful. It also helped to understand the intensity of the real test and to not feel as nervous on the day. As a result, I passed my driving test the first time! Thank you, Kenny.

new young driver
driving teacher

Highly skilled instructors

It is important to choose the right driving instructor to help you improve your motor abilities. At KI Learners & Instructors Training School, you can trust our highly qualified and experienced instructors to help you become a good driver. If you want to improve your driving skills, get in touch with us today. 

learner plates

Become a safe driver

We are committed to producing responsible and safe drivers. Whether you are a beginner or are looking to refresh your driving skills, you can rely on our team to help you drive safely. We are professional and friendly and provide a systematic approach for an exciting learning experience. 

young driver passed test

Why is Pass Plus important?

  • Improves confidence

  • Helps the driver to drive more safely and proficiently at night, on the motorway and under challenging weather conditions.

  • Offers potential insurance discounts

  • Helps you to drive more safely

Gain confidence and experience

If you want to gain experience and confidence in driving, then taking up Pass Plus course is a great option. At KI Learners & Instructors Training School, our lessons are specially designed to help you improve your driving skills as well as pass your driving tests easily. Come to our driving school today to learn to drive under any condition confidently. 

We serve South East London. 

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